Long Beach, CA (February 26, 2014) – A new player is providing innovative solutions for the aerospace and defense industries. GreenForces LLC, a Michigan-based consortium, has officially launched operations.

GreenForces is an agile consortium of HUBZone-certified businesses that provides engineering and design, analysis, prototyping, testing and production services under one contract, to industry quality standards such as AS9100 and Nadcap.

The GreenForces Initiative
U.S. aerospace and defense industries face new challenges and budget constraints. Companies in those industries must work harder to find new solutions to remain globally competitive and to respond to changing requirements. To meet these needs, a unique consortium of leading-edge entities was established: GreenForces LLC.

Initiated by key officials from Houghton County Memorial Airport, MTEC SmartZone, regional technology businesses, and academia, the consortium includes five innovative Michigan companies and Michigan Technological University – a nationally recognized research institution with one of the best engineering programs in the U.S.

GreenForces combines the expertise of a solid base of reliable partners to develop lighter, more durable, advanced material solutions for aerospace and defense customers. In addition to engineering support, GreenForces provides exceptional manufacturing capacity in composite materials, investment cast machining, and high-tech rigid circuit boards. Companies that leverage the GreenForces solution can tap the agility of small business and the experience of a wide range of proven organizations that operate as a single entity dedicated to solving customers’ problems.

GreenForces Board Chairman, Glen Simula, said, “GreenForces companies bring proven design, analysis, prototyping, testing and high-volume production under one contract, to provide quality to AS9100 and Nadcap standards while allowing HUBZone designation.”

A Consortium of Proven Companies
GreenForces delivers customized, creative design results that ensure unique, cost-effective, time-to-market solutions that compete on a national and global level. GreenForces is committed to providing the highest quality products and services, supported by accreditations and certifications earned by its members, including HUBZone, Nadcap, ITAR, AS9100, ISO, MIL-PRF and UL.

GS Engineering, Houghton, MI – Providing complete mechanical and electrical design and field testing of lightweight structures for military and commercial vehicles.
SO9001-2008 Compliant – AS9100 Certification Feb 2014, DCAA Audited, DoD Registered HUBZone Company. GS Engineering is focused on mechanical and electrical design and analysis services, advanced product development, instrumented field testing, and technology integration including lightweight structural system design and metal matrix composites. The core of GS Engineering is mechanical and electrical design in support of commercial and military transportation markets, both wheeled and tracked. Testing for development or certification of military vehicles and subsystems is a major component of GS Engineering’s testing services.

Calumet Electronics Corporation, Calumet, MI – Circuit boards for a lifetime. Nadcap, AS9001:20009, ISO9001:2008, MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-PRF-55110, ITAR, UL. Of the 290 printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers in North America, Calumet Electronics is one of only 16 companies accredited for rigid PCBs. The Nadcap accreditation recognizes Calumet’s world-class manufacturing capabilities and affirms high-quality PCBs. Calumet’s highly experienced team of in-house engineers provides a full suite of engineering services that leverages powerful technology and processes to deliver circuit boards that provide a lifetime of performance.

Creative Composites, Rapid River, MI – Providing high quality, efficient solutions in composite materials. AS9100, ISO9001:2008, ITAR. Creative Composites manufactures advanced composite materials and structures designed to survive challenging environments. Composites maximize performance by: reducing weight, increasing strength and chemical resistance, and decreasing manufacturing costs. Creative Composites guarantees product performance by utilizing finite element analysis to eliminate uncertainty through accurate simulation of complex systems.

IR Telemetrics, Hancock, MI – High-performance wireless telemetry systems. Infrared Telemetrics, Inc. is a global technology leader in providing wireless transfer of data from internal reciprocating and rotating components. Infrared, microwave and inductively coupled telemetry systems (inductive or battery powered) allow IR Telemetrics to measure operating parameters such as temperature, pressure and torque on pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts, bearings, turbines, clutches and gears. On-board electronic devices are custom-built in-house to fit package requirements and test parameters. IR Telemetrics’ specialty is real-time, steady-state and transient data transfer from components operating in their production environment.

L’Anse Manufacturing, L’Anse, MI – Delivering custom machining solutions through innovation, collaboration and productivity. ISO 9001:2008, AS9100, HUBZone Small Business. L’Anse Manufacturing, Inc. has been an expert in the investment casting industry for more than 30 years. Specializing in custom low-volume, high-mix machining and assembly applications, they take concepts from prototype to production. L’Anse Manufacturing has built a solid reputation in engineering support services and core manufacturing competencies including: milling, turning, fixturing, straightening and light assembly.

Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI – Create the future. Michigan Technological University is a world-class research institution, grounded in science, engineering, technology and sustainability. The College of Engineering comprises 3,500 students and 150 faculty members. Michigan Tech is a leader in the discovery and design of new devices and systems, and delivery of solutions to industries’ most pressing problems. Michigan Tech promotes the utilization of new discoveries through the licensing and commercializing of technologies.

The GreenForces Advantage
GreenForces is driven by strong design principles and the highest levels of quality and ethical business practices, combining unparalleled experience with state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing equipment. Offering complete product lifecycle support, from conceptual research and development, mechanical and electrical engineering, to final design, prototyping, testing, integration, and low/ high volume manufacturing, the consortium supports a wide range of industries, such as printed circuit boards, investment castings, and carbon composite manufacturing. GreenForces’ turnkey operation helps secure clients’ supply chains and eliminates the inefficiency of dealing with multiple suppliers.

GS Engineering Vice President, Chris Coxon said, “The combination of these innovative technology companies with proven performance, partnered in GreenForces, brings significant value to the aerospace and defense industries.”

GreenForces Unveiled at AeroDef Manufacturing Summit & Exposition
GreenForces unveiled its new consortium at the Aerodef Manufacturing Summit & Exposition; February 25–27 in Long Beach, Calif. AeroDef Manufacturing is the leading event for the aerospace and defense manufacturing industries, showcasing the most advanced technologies.

Join GreenForces at Booth 712 during exhibition hours and hear about the innovative solutions offered by this unique consortium of proven companies.

For more information about what GreenForces can do for your organization, or to learn about membership opportunities, visit their website www.greenforcesllc.com.