Committed Leaders. One Cohesive Team.

Customer Success and Solving Problems are the cornerstones of GS Engineering. Our leadership philosophy focuses on our customers and providing solutions at the right value for your cost, quality and technical expectations. We do this through a staff of Engineers who know the importance of customer service and self-leadership. Leading with the customer in mind makes both GS Engineering and our customer successful!

We take pride in a staff that can provide creative ideas, will persevere until your problem is solved, can communicate complex ideas for success, can deal with abstract ideas and concepts without definitive data, reacts and responds to your needs quickly, and provides a solution that makes your project successful. We are Quiet Professionals delivering high quality engineering solutions to a variety of markets.

Chris Coxon Experience Engineer
CAD Services
Prototype Build
gs engineering interactive planning
Chris Coxon Experience Engineer
CAD Services
Prototype Build
gs engineering interactive planning

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glen simula's picture
Glen founded GS Engineering in 2001 based upon his previous 19 years’ experience in the development of military vehicles. Glen leads GS Engineering on all track...
chris coxon's picture
Chris joined GS Engineering in 2004 after his retirement from professional motor racing. Chris leads wheeled vehicle programs along with developing and leading...
alex apps's picture
Alex joined GS Engineering following a successful career in the commercial truck and emergency vehicle industries. Alex currently leads GS Engineering’s Systems...
jim vendlinski's picture
Jim joined GS Engineering in 2005 and continues his successful career directing and performing Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) activities. Jim leverages his pr...
kevin hubert's picture
Kevin joined GS Engineering after a successful career in the commercial truck market for industry leading organizations. Kevin currently leads the majority of o...
rob cooke's picture
Rob joined GS Engineering after a successful tenure at a Fortune 50 aerospace corporation. Rob leads GS Engineering’s initiatives in aerospace focusing on his E...
chuck gaff's picture
Chuck joined GS Engineering after a successful career in the automotive industry supporting a global luxury brand. His experience includes new product developme...
josh.neece's picture
Josh joined GS Engineering in 2010 as a Test Engineer focused on instrumentation, data collection, and test execution, as well as supporting quick reaction desi...
don bigelow's picture
Don joined GS Engineering in 2008, bringing his experience in automotive design, high volume manufacturing, and advanced structural applications. Don manages th...
lynn eliason's picture
Lynn joined GS Engineering, continuing her successful career supporting Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses. Lynn leads GS Engineering’s Operatio...